The 5 P’s of Veestro’s Ram On Demand Test Drive

December 22nd, 2016 by

Veestro had some fun when Ram Commercial delivered their ProMaster City Cargo Van. Veestro could now act out the 5 P’s of Veestro Ram On Demand service. They were quite excited.

  1. Parking can be a challenge in the city, but since the van drives like a car, parking was easy.
  2. Peas, carrots and red peppers made the Veestro ready-made meals quite healthy.
  3. Plants-based meals are becoming more popular for the growing health-conscious community.
  4. Please your customers with fast delivery, using a Ram Commercial Van.
  5. ProMaster vans can be customized to your exact specifications. Veestro liked the “pull-out” shelves, which allowed the business owners to deliver their plants-based meals quickly.

Ram Commercial understands business. It provides you with the vehicle to satisfy all the demands of your customers. Once you learn the 5 P’s of Veestro Ram On Demand, you can increase the profits for your business.

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